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Transforming the Future with AI and Innovation

Christoph Burkhardt, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and futurist, excels as a keynote speaker, blending innovation with a rich German heritage. His expertise spans AI, digital transformation, and mentoring over 300 startups. Dive into the future with insights from a visionary reshaping industries worldwide.

About Christoph.

Christoph Burkhardt, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and futurist, stands at the vanguard of AI and innovation, melding over a decade of pioneering experience in Silicon Valley with a rich German heritage of precision and thoroughness.


As a sought-after futurist keynote speaker, author, and strategy advisor, Christoph's unique perspective reshapes how industries and organizations leverage the power of emerging technologies. His engaging talks deliver unparalleled insights into the digital future, drawing from his extensive experience with global corporations like Pfizer, BMW, Allianz, and Aldi, and mentoring over 300 startups.

His Keynotes: A Blend of Insight, Inspiration, and Impact

Christoph captivates audiences with his dynamic presentations on AI's transformative role across various sectors. As a futurist, his keynote engagements are not just talks but transformative experiences, designed to inspire change, provoke thought, and drive action.

Whether addressing executives at major corporations, students at leading universities such as ETH Zurich, St. Gallen, or Stanford, or participants in innovative workshops, Christoph's keynotes are tailored to enlighten and motivate.

Expertise Rooted in Real-World Success

With a foundation as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, futurist, and the former CEO of OneLife, where he led the launch of groundbreaking air purification technology, Christoph's insights are grounded in real-world success. His academic prowess, highlighted by a rich educational background from prestigious institutions like the London School of Economics and MIT, complements his practical experience, offering audiences a holistic view of the digital landscape.

A Visionary Futurist Leader in AI and Digital Innovation

Christoph's work extends beyond keynote speaking. At Burkhardt Group LLC and TinyBox Academy, he pioneers strategies that merge human creativity with machine intelligence, helping businesses achieve sustainable growth and innovation. As a futurist, his contributions to the field are documented in multiple books, including the visionary "Don't be a Robot - Seven Survival Strategies for the Age of Artificial Intelligence," which encapsulates his approach to thriving in the digital era.

Engage with Futurist Christoph Burkhardt for Your Next Event

Invite Christoph to your next conference, corporate event, or educational seminar and witness the transformative power of his keynote presentations. As a futurist, his ability to distill complex technological trends into actionable insights makes him the ideal speaker for an era marked by rapid digital transformation. With Christoph Burkhardt on stage, your audience is not just listening; they are embarking on a journey towards the future of innovation and AI.

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